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925 silver against 800 silver

Silver is a soft, malleable white metal used to make jewelry and precious objects. Who has never given a Silver gift?! Before giving a gift, you must first understand the difference between 1000/1000 silver, 925 silver and 800 silver.

Silver 1000/1000

Pure silver is defined as 1000/1000 silver. That is, one that is not fused with other materials. However, it is practically impossible to find on the market objects made with 1000/1000 silver because its malleability makes it impossible to transform. It is marketed in the form of wires and plates but is also used for the production of chemical solutions.

925 silver

As already mentioned above, to enable the creation of jewelry, it is necessary to add other materials to the silver, usually copper. In fact, we often hear about 925 silver, probably the most used title along with 800 silver.

But what does the number 925 mean? This number indicates that the metal in question is a combination of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. The value of 925 silver is definitely higher than others thanks to the massive amount of the precious alloy.

However, being very malleable, 925 silver is often used for rings, necklaces, bracelets, party favors, etc.

800 silver

800 silver indicates that the metal contains 20% copper. Unlike 925 silver, it is used to make larger items such as candle holders, trays, teapots, etc. But be careful when buying silver items. You have to pay close attention to two labels: “ARG” and “Silver Plated”.

In fact, these two terms refer to an object made of copper or iron covered with silver. Their value is practically nil compared to that of real money.

Silver: Listing on the stock exchange

But what is the price of 925 silver?

Silver, as a noble metal, is listed, like gold, on the London Stock Exchange, which sets its price. Obviously, 925 silver will always have a higher price than 800 silver.

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