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How to clean silver: 5 top cleaners

Cleaning silver is a cleaning operation that serves to eliminate dirt, halos and residues that can be found on the surfaces of good service, the one to show off on special occasions. There are several methods to obtain shiny silverware, natural and with specific detergents. Today we see which are the best products, where to find them, how to use them and what to pay attention to when cleaning silverware.

Cleaning silver: how to do it

Silver fears not only dirt, but also oxidation. This process is recognized immediately, because the silver begins to blacken. The surface of silverware, in contact with sulfur and oxygen, naturally undergoes this process. Thus, it is always advisable to clean the silverware to remove the black halos, even if it has not been used for some time.

There are some attentions to keep the shine of the silverware. How to do?

Clean silverware occasionally with specific products and never in the dishwasher, even if you are not using it;

Put the silverware in well-closed and protected boxes or bags;

Use showcases to display the silver, but without keeping it in contact with oxidizing agents.

How to clean silverware effectively? Take a clean white cloth and follow the advice below!

Cleaning silver: natural remedies

There are several tricks to clean silverware in the best way. A common remedy is to use plaster. It is placed in a container and the silver is immersed in plaster. For polishing, however, baking soda is used. It dissolves in a glass of water and then passes with a toothbrush. If there are more objects, it is advisable to immerse them in a solution of water and bicarbonate.

For small objects, such as silver cutlery, take a pot and put the foil. Then a solution of already hot water, salt and lemon is added (just the juice in drops). Alternatively, a solution of baking soda and lemon can be used directly on the surface.

Another solution is to use toothpaste instead of baking soda (not with water), or vinegar.

Cleaning silver: 5 best cleaners

What are the best cleaners to clean silverware? Here are the best ones and how to use them.

1. Argentil Cubex Professional

The Argetil is in a 5 kilo economy pack. It is used on silver, copper and brass. One liter of product is placed in one liter of water in a basin and the accessories to be cleaned are gradually immersed. Before removing the plate, it must be left to act for a few minutes.

2. Hagerty Silver Spray Silver Cleaner

Hagerty Silver Spray Cleaner is applied directly to silverware. The spray can is shaken and sprayed on the surface at a distance of 30 centimeters. Then wait a few minutes and remove with a clean cloth. The company has been dealing with silver cleaning products for 125 years.

3. Sanitec Argento Vivo, Deoxidizing Detergent for Silver

Sanitec Argento Vivo is part of the products of the Haccp protocol. It can be found in the convenience format of 5 kilos, or in a practical spray pack. It is applied to the product and rinsed off, with no further steps to be taken. In the end, just wipe with a clean cloth. To be kept out of the reach of children, it eliminates even the most difficult black.

4. Emulsio 0262913 Splendiargento cleaner

The Splendiargento cleansing emulsion is in cream format and is available in the 200 ml format. With polishing microspheres, it also has an excellent rinse aid action and avoids buying the rinse aid separately.

Applies in a snap and is ideal for polishing surfaces when they come off the protector after some time.

5. Stanhome cleaning silver

The silver cleaner is very concentrated. The package is 250 ml, but it is more than enough to remove halos and dirt from silverware. Put a few drops on a sponge and pass gently on the plate. Then, rinse everything off. To use this product, it is advisable to use gloves.

Cleaning silver: useful tips

Cleaning silver is not a difficult operation. It takes a little elbow grease and a little patience, but the result will be flawless. Avoid the classic rag, because it risks creating scratches on the silver surface, ruining it completely. Jewelery cleaners are different and these cannot be used for this purpose, otherwise the jewels will be ruined. For silverware, however, they are fine. For jewelery products, it is advisable to ask your trusted jeweler for advice.

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