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How to recognize unmarked silver?

Simply the 925 hallmark. If it is not present, it can still be pure silver, but from a country that does not require a hallmark. International sellers of silver mark it as 925, 900 or 800. These numbers indicate the percentage of fine silver in the coin.

How do you know if it's money?

When silver is exposed to air, it oxidizes, causing a black patina to form. If you notice black marks when rubbing with a white cloth, it is 925 or pure silver. In Italy worked silver can have the following compositions, 800/000 and 925/000.

How do you know if it's silver or steel?

In general, steel will show markings indicating 18/0, 18/8, or 18/10 on the silverware. The 18 indicates the percentage of the material that is chromium and the second number indicates the nickel content. Steel always contains chromium, but not necessarily nickel. If it contains nickel, the content is 8 or 10%.

How to recognize old silver cutlery?

If the silver object is titled 1000/000 one would immediately think that it is pure silver, but it is not. The 1000/1000 type punch, which is printed on an object, indicates that the object is silver and therefore only coated.

How do you know if it's white gold or silver?

It's also a test you can easily do at home, especially for gold. Fill a glass with water and put your jewel in it. As a heavy metal, gold sinks quickly. If the jewelry floats or doesn't sink quickly, it's not real gold.

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